Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big RealTouch news

In my last post, I posted that I hooked up RealTouch and was ready to enter into the world of true virtual sex.

Since then, I have used RealTouch. I've used RealTouch several times. This thing is incredible.

I'll post a full detailed RealTouch review when I have time to compose my thoughts. Just to let you know how great this thing is, after my first use I couldn't believe how good it felt. Before I had to go to bed, I gave it another go. It was better than the first time.

The next day, after my morning cup of coffee, I couldn't get my mind off of having another round with RealTouch. Bottom line, I was a little late for work today - I lost track of time. RealTouch is amazing.

As if by fate, RealTouch has announced some really cool new features today. Cam to cam sex, more free content, apps ... a ton of cool new stuff. Check out all of RealTouch's new features.

Anyway, RealTouch just became better than when I bought it. Get one of these thing. Seriously.

Full review coming soon.

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