Tuesday, January 25, 2011

RealTouch first impressions

Well, as I posted yesterday I received my RealTouch. I was actually thinking it was going to take longer than it did to get here so I had work planned. I was pretty busy, and it turned out to be a pretty stressful day. So, nothing like coming home to a RealTouch to relieve some stress.

Well, when I got home I opened up the package and finally saw the much hyped virtual sex device with my own eyes. It's really cool.

When I got it into my hands I was a little surprised by its weight. It has a good weight to it. Not enough to make use troublesome, but enough to where you know that this ain't a cheap piece of plastic. RealTouch is the real deal.

The RealTouch user guide is pretty short and sweet. Basically it tells you how to connect the RealTouch to the USB tower and the USB tower to your computer. It's so simple only an idiot would be confused by it.

Well, I'm an idiot. I think I was just too excited about hooking it up for the first time that I confused myself.

I jumped over to the RealTouch site and went to find an answer. I then noticed that they have live support. I had an answer to my troubles within seconds. They even remained in the chat until I was sure everything was hooked up right. RealTouch gets an A+ for great customer service.

And yes, it turns out I was just an idiot. If I would have read the user guide a little more carefully I could have solved the problem myself.

Anyway, I have it hooked up and just listened to it go through its warm up process. Wow, this thing is cool.

Well, I think I may be busy for the rest of the night. I'll try to post up a review in the next couple of days...if I can tear myself away from RealTouch.

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